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About The Department
Courses Approved by "BAR COUNCIL OF INDIA" (BCI). Law is a subject where you can develop a range of skills and explore many aspects of human life. Studying law as an undergraduate gives you the chance to sharpen your mind, strengthen your understanding and deepen your experience across the full range of humanities and social science. A law degree not only gives you the skill to be a successful lawyer but also a successful Businessman, Producer, Politician, Manager, Journalist, Police Officer or almost any other profession that requires intellectual strength combined with a practical approach to the world. Moot Court, SRU: "The court of law us the court of justice". And with the motive and objective of exceptional learning, the Moot Court Hall of SunRise University is matching it’s standards since years. The Moot court of the university is well built with all the equipment of the court which exactly gives the experience and feels to the students as if they are standing in the real court of Justice. Moot Court is the key extracurricular activity of any law school, and the university believes in holistic development of students from the root, as a lawyer’s words can ultimately turn the whole case. Not only imparting the students with Theoretical knowledge but we equally really upon the ’Practical Knowledge’, which they obtain during the time they are standing confidentiality and arguing inform of number of other people in the moot court. It enhances their public speaking skills, not only this but also creates a sense of positive competitive spirit among the students which is indeed a need for future lawyers. Keeping these things in mind we also focus on Mannerism which should be prevailed in the court and the focus remains to conduct the activity in exact replica of the real court. Every semester an Intra Batch moot court competition is being conducted for the students so that they can bring their words out their mind. Every student is encouraged to take part in the competition, and students willingly with enthusiastic sprit come forward and leave no stones unturned during the competition. If you can articulate your thoughts well, you can surely become a master.

Programs Offered :

1 PG Diploma In Law 2 Semesters Graduation 15000 1000 1200
2 B.A.L.L.B. 10 Semesters 10+2 20000 1000 1200
3 L.L.M. (All Subject) 4 Semesters L.L.B. 17500 1000 1200
4 L.L.M. (All Subject) 2 Semesters L.L.B 22500 1000 1200
5 L.L.B. 6 Semesters Bachelor 17500 1000 1200