Best Agriculture College in Rajasthan, NCR

About The Department
Agriculture education plays an important role in the overall development of the country. Agriculture is a highly interdisciplinary subject and requires an updated curriculum as per latest changes. The University regularly updates its syllabus and adopts standards of excellence in its course and curriculum as recommended by ICAR. University imparts education in different branches of Agriculture, particularly Agronomy, Plant Breeding and Genetic, Soil Science, Horticulture, Forestry, Plant Pathology, Agricultural Engineering, Extension Educational, Entomology, Animal Husbandry, Microbiology, Physiology, Biotechnology, Basic science and other allied branches and their in equal emphasis for both theory as well as practical. The students will be assigned to village farms during the last semester of their course in order to have agriculture field experience and interaction with the farmer i.e., Rural Agriculture Work Experience (RAWE). There is continuous advancement of research and the extension activities as education, research and extension activities are essential for enhancing productivity, profitability and sustainability of agriculture production system and to improve the quality of rural livelihood in the country. There are ample fellowships and career opportunities in agriculture and allied field viz. Junior Research Fellowship (JRF), Senior Research Fellowships (SRF), INSPIRE, Jawaharlal Nehru and Rajiv Gandhi Fellowships and abundant job opportunities in banking sector, seed companies, fertilizer companies, Agriculture Research Scientist requirement through ICAR and RA/SRF/JRF jobs in various ICAR, RKVY, DBT projects. The course of Agriculture Science focuses on soil and water conservation, plant breeding and pathology, soil and plant interaction system, agribusiness management and its implementation, live stock production & management and agricultural economics. This course is widely admired and treated as imperative knowledgeable course for improving the traditional agriculture practices and provide better yield by involving advance and scientific approaches without affecting the environment. B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture has wide scope and is job orientated.Currently different agriculture based industries (like fertilizer industries and food manufacturing industries); non- government organisations (like Srijan, Pradan and BAIF); private and public sector commercial firms (like Nationalized and Gramin banks) and agricultural certification agencies etc. are recruiting the graduates of agriculture science.

Programs Offered :

1 M.Sc .(Ag).AGRONOMY 4 Semesters B.Sc.(AGRICULTURE) 12500 1000 1200
2 M.Sc .(Ag).AGRI.CHEMISTRY & SOIL SCIENCE 4 Semesters B.Sc.(AGRICULTURE) 12500 1000 1200
3 M.Sc . (Ag)(HORTICULTURE) 4 Semesters B.Sc.(AGRICULTURE/ HORTICULTURE) 12500 1000 1200
4 M.Sc .(Ag).PLANT BREEDING & GENETICS 4 Semesters B.Sc.(AGRICULTURE) 12500 1000 1200
5 B.Sc(AGRICULTURE) Hons. 8 Semesters 12th(PCM/PCB/AGRI.) 27500 1000 1200
6 B.Sc.(HORTICULTURE) Hons. 8 Semesters 12th(PCM/PCB/AGRI.) 27500 1000 1200
7 B.Tech.(AGRI.ENGINEERING) 8 Semesters 12th(PCM/PCB/AGRI.) 30000 1000 1200
8 B.Sc Forestry 8 Semesters 12th With Agri/PCB/PCM 12500 1000 1200
9 B.Sc Agri + MBA (Agri Business) 10 Semesters 12th 30000 1000 1200
10 Diploma In Animal Care(First Aid) 2 Semesters 10th 31500 1000 1200
11 DIPLOMA (AGRICULTURE) 6 Semesters 10th 12000 1000 1200
12 VLDA 4 Semesters 12th 10000 1000 1200
13 Animal Health Worker (AHW) 2 Semesters 10th 31500 1000 1200
14 LIFE STOCK ASSISTANT 4 Semesters 12th(PCB/AGRI.) 17500 1000 1200